Motorcyclists Risks

motorcycle accident attorneyA high number of motorcycle accidents result in severe injury or death. This means that as someone who rides a motorcycle, you have to take certain precautions to reduce the chances of a crash. Even if you are as safe as you can be, all it takes is a reckless car driver who wasn’t paying attention to change your life forever and for the worse. Motorcyclists become victims to careless drivers frequently, when they deserve so much more consideration when on the road. 

As a motorcycle accident attorney suggests, wear long pants and sleeves made of a sturdy fabric or protective material. Use gloves, durable boots that cover your ankles, and eye protection. When the weather gets colder, add layers so that your body doesn’t become stiff and tense from the cold. If needed, invest in heavier gear that is made for low temperatures. Make an effort to be seen by wearing bright colors and putting reflective additions to your bike and clothing. Use a headlight during both the day and nighttime. Ride in the area of the lane or highway that makes you most visible to car drivers. Whenever in doubt that a driver sees you, honk before proceeding. 

Stay alert to your surroundings and never use your phone in a distracted way. Texting or taking calls when riding a motorcycle is dangerous. You must always be ready for sudden changes in road conditions or drivers making maneuvers in which they do not see you. You have to be prepared to react by swerving out of the way, avoiding potholes, and moving through construction areas. Half of all accidents happen at intersections. A driver who is turning left ahead of you is the most common cause of motorcycle collisions, so be on high alert so you can respond swiftly. 

Remain at a safe speed at all times and do not drink or take other substances that could impair your driving ability. Being sober and abiding by the speed limit can make a difference in ensuring you will get to your destination safely. If possible, do not ride your motorcycle during poor weather. There are safe ways to ride in the wind, rain, or snow, but it will still present a challenge. If you notice rain is on the forecast, then you must pack rain gear, or stay dry and off the road until it passes. 

It’s unfortunate that motorcyclists have to go to such lengths to stay safe on the road. And even then, in a split second of another driver being distracted or careless could be what causes a motorcyclist to sustain injury or fatality. Riders are encouraged to take preventative measures and wear safety gear. The biggest risk of harm is from drivers who are not paying attention or do not care about the presence of motorcyclists. Until the day comes when drivers are more aware and less distracted, motorcyclists will continue to pay the price for their reckless behavior.