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How To Protect Your Rights During Divorce

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As our own car accident injury lawyers can attest, sometimes accidents do more than cause injuries — they can cause divorces. Sadly, some spouses do not want to stick around if their significant other has been severely injured in a car crash. That is why our lawyers recommend doing some research and learning more about the divorce process so that you can protect yourself should you ever choose to separate from your spouse.

How can I minimize my expenses?

Divorce is not a cheap process, and you can expect many expenses. From the initial filing fees to legal fees, you likely will have to pay a large sum of money if you are going through a divorce. The amount you pay depends on what possessions and assets you bought during the marriage and what property you had before getting married. Another way you can minimize your divorce expenses is to consider alternative methods of dissolving your marriage, such as arbitration and mediation. A lawyer can explain more about things you can do in order to keep your expenses to a minimum.

Will we be able to have joint custody? 

Preserving parental rights is one of the most important issues that many parents going through divorce have. Whether or not you and your spouse will have joint custody depends on a number of factors that the court will consider. They will consider things like your financial stability, your desire to provide for your child, any prior history of substance abuse, and the preferences of the child, depending on their child. You can increase your chances of keeping custody if you prepare a compelling case that conveys your ability to be able to care for your child and act in their best interests.

Will our property be split evenly? 

One of the biggest concerns that people going through divorce have is how their property will be distributed. Ensuring that property is distributed fairly is one of the key reasons to meet with an experienced lawyer. States are split into community property or separate property states, as a divorce lawyer like one from Kempen & Company can explain. The state of California is known as a community property state, which means that any property bought or gained during a divorce is equally owned by each spouse. If you have any questions or concerns about property and how it will be distributed, you can talk to a lawyer for more information. They can tell you how you can expect your property to be split.

What should I do to ensure a desirable outcome?

Divorce can be emotional and stressful for anyone involved. The process is painful and you feel deeply hurt, especially if you feel like your spouse is trying to portray you as a villain. Hiring a lawyer when you are going through divorce can ensure that your legal rights will be protected and you will not be forced into making decisions that you do not want to make. It can help you avoid being manipulated as well. Having a lawyer also helps you make decisions that are driven purely by emotion, which never ends well. It is important to listen to a lawyer and make informed decisions based on their recommended legal advice.

If you have any questions about going through divorce and how to best protect yourself throughout the process, do not wait to consult a lawyer. They can give you valuable information that can increase your chances of getting a fair outcome. To learn more, set up a consultation immediately.