Common Auto Accident Injuries

When a reckless driver crashes into your vehicle, you may experience an injury. There are many ways in which unexpected impacts can harm you. Some require expensive medical treatments. All of them create emotional distress. As a car accident lawyer, can explain, if you suffer because of an out-of-control driver, you may wish to sue. Here are some common negative effects of car crashes that are sometimes worthy of litigation.


Tendons, ligaments and muscles are vulnerable to tears and strains when they suffer sudden shocks. Known as whiplash, these injuries can be extremely painful and take considerable time to properly heal. Normal functions, such as walking and lifting, can be limited before your body has fully recovered. Your injury may require you to temporarily stop working and endure a loss of income.

Brain Injuries

Because what’s inside our craniums is both delicate and critical to basic functioning, our skulls are incredibly strong. Even still, cognitive abilities can become compromised as a result of physical trauma. Headaches, difficulty sleeping, and other long-term impairments can surface over time. These conditions typically have a deleterious impact on one’s quality of life that cannot be reversed. 

Internal Complications

Organs are as important and fragile as our brains. Sudden jolts might cause them to rupture or bleed. Because these problems are not outwardly visible, we may be unaware of the damage that has been done. It is only later that we become fully aware of our internal injuries. These situations can be particularly life-threatening. Crash victims should immediately seek a thorough medical analysis to rule out the development of imminent complications.

Spinal Problems

Spinal columns consist of segments that can be ruptured or knocked out of place. When this happens, the pain can be excruciating. Other spinal complications caused by vehicle accidents include facet joint injuries and nerve damage. Surgery and frequent chiropractic visits may be the necessary remedy. If discomfort persists, spinal electrical stimulation might be prescribed.

Knee Problems

Because of how we sit while driving, crashes often cause knees to strike dashboards. This can trigger broken kneecaps or other knee conditions that complicate walking. Reacquiring the ability to move can necessitate long and painful physical therapy. Artificial knee replacements may even be suggested.

If you are in a car wreck, you may suffer one or more of these impairments. Assuming you were not at fault, you should be compensated. Contact an experienced auto accident lawyer to help you acquire the restitution you deserve.