What is Employment Discrimination?

Discrimination in the workplace should never happen, but when it does, you can make things right with the law behind you. There are many existing laws in place to protect victims of discrimination and allow them to take action when their rights have been trampled and they’ve been mistreated or discriminated against. Employment discrimination cases can be difficult to prove, but an experienced employment litigation lawyer Washington, DC, like from Eric Siegel Law, can help you make a strong case with evidence and witness gathering, file paperwork, and offer legal advice and strategies.

Protected Classes

Discrimination law stipulates several specific categories as protected classes that are particularly at risk of being used to discriminate against people. No matter the circumstances, these are categories, or classes) that cannot be used against a person in their place of work. Those protected classes include: 

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Race
  • Disability
  • National Origin
  • Religion
  • Creed
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetic Information (including gender identity and transgender)

The above list of protected categories (and other variations) are the most likely areas that a person may experience discrimination for being a part of, which is why they are specifically protected by the government to help make employment fair for all people no matter what their background is, personal choices, or current circumstances.

Taking Legal Action

The main way you can attempt to make things right after being the victim of discrimination is to file a lawsuit. This may seem like a daunting process, but having a discrimination lawyer working on your behalf can make it go more smoothly and less stressful. These laws exist to protect people from being discriminated against and to make it possible for victims to get the justice and compensation they deserve for being so wrongly, and illegally, mistreated.

Hire a Lawyer

Going through a lawsuit is never easy, especially when you’re dealing with something as sensitive as discrimination. These lawsuits can be difficult to prove and potentially time-consuming, and as such you may want to consider hiring an experienced Employment Discrimination Lawyer Washington, D.C. who can represent you in court, write legal letters, file paperwork and lawsuits, help collect evidence and witnesses, and provide you with legal advice and strategy for your case. This is likely a difficult time for you, so it can be reassuring to have professional legal representation on your side. Contact a law firm today to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer and start taking the right steps toward your case for justice and setting things right.