Should You Have Your Own Divorce Lawyer?

When preparing for a divorce, most people don’t know the process very well. Many aren’t sure whether they need a lawyer or if they should represent themselves. If you have an uncontested divorce and believe it to be mostly amicable, you might not see the point of it. If your spouse gets a divorce lawyer, you might think that he or she is all you need. After all, his or her lawyer will make sure that all of your agreements are legal.

Here is why you may want to think about using a lawyer of your own.

One Lawyer Cannot Represent Both

You and your spouse may agree on all aspects of the divorce, but it does not mean that you can share a lawyer. By law, the two of you are on separate sides of the case. A lawyer cannot represent both parties of a trial. If he or she did, this would be a conflict of interest. Instead of using your spouse’s lawyer, you need to have a lawyer of your own.

A Lawyer Has Experience and Knowledge

If you’ve never gone through a divorce before or even if this isn’t your first divorce, you do not have the experience or knowledge that a divorce lawyer has. You can even use a lawyer for very specific tasks. For instance, if you need advice on what a fair agreement would be or if you need help drafting the agreement, the lawyer can work in those capacities alone. Divorce lawyers have access to resources and knowledge that you may not have.

A Lawyer Can Ensure Fairness

Divorce does not always end fairly. If your spouse has a divorce lawyer and you do not, then the settlement could be skewed to benefit the other person. When you aren’t familiar with the divorce proceedings, you may not know how much you should be awarded and what a fair settlement is. A lawyer at your side can make sure that everything is fair and that your case is properly represented.

Contact a Lawyer

When you’re going through a divorce, you don’t have to do it alone. If you want a lawyer, you cannot use your spouse’s lawyer. He or she legally cannot be your representation. This means that you either have to represent yourself or find a lawyer of your own. If you want a better shot at having a fair settlement, you should consult with an attorney, like a divorce attorney from Robinson & Hadeed Family Law, who can help you.