MVA lawyer Indianapolis, IN

MVA lawyer Indianapolis, IN

What You Should Do After Being Hit By Cab Company Driver

Any car accident can be a literal pain in the neck, but when it involves a driver contracted to work for another company, it can get even more complicated. The good news is with the help of a MVA lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, you can work through the legal process, knowing where to request compensation. The following are some things you should do after being hit by a cab driver.

Contact the Police

Just because an cab driver is a professional driver, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call the authorities. You need to have an unbiased report of the accident to show the cab driver was at fault. You should also request any medical personnel if you or anyone else sustained injuries in the accident.

Gather the Right Information

Don’t just assume it will be simple to file a claim with cab company insurance provider. Because the driver is an independent contractor, it’s most likely you will file your claim with the driver’s personal auto insurance company, as a MVA lawyer in Indianapolis, IN can attest. Be sure you gather information from the driver, including contact information, insurance information, the license plate number and possibly the VIN as well.

You should also gather other evidence that can help you make your case. If there were witnesses to the accident, you can start by collecting their contact information and statements about what they each saw. Take some pictures of the scene, including photos that show the damage done to your car and the injuries you sustained.

Learn About Cab Company’s Policies

You should learn all you can about the policies regarding accidents with cab drivers. It’s possible there’s a loophole somewhere, or even the small text at the bottom of a page that could be a big benefit to your case. For example, depending on what the driver was doing and where he or she was, you could receive initial compensation through the driver’s auto insurance, and secondary compensation from the cab company. You can gather this type of information by contacting a cab company directly or going to their website.

Contact an MVA lawyer in Indianapolis, IN

Any time you are in a car accident, you should contact an MVA lawyer in Indianapolis, IN to help you through the claims process. It’s possible you will just need some friendly advice, and it’s also possible you will need legal assistance to get you through a lawsuit against the other driver. When you are hit by ca driver, contact a car accident MVA lawyer in Indianapolis, IN to learn what you should do next.