How Do I File a Construction Accident Claim? 

Construction work is considered to be one of the most dangerous occupations, due to the nature of the job and frequently hazardous work conditions. The construction industry has one of the highest number of workplace fatalities in Florida. Workers who hold construction roles are at increased risk of sustaining serious injuries, such as leg injuries and broken bones, which can take a heavy financial and emotional toll. If you have experienced a recent injury at a construction site and would like to know more about filing a claim, contact an attorney to discuss your case details. 

What are the common causes of construction accidents? 

A construction accident can be caused by many different things. Workers often do tasks from scaffolding, which make them vulnerable to sustaining injuries from slips and falls. The presence of bulky machinery, power tools, and the sheer amount of building materials, wiring, and exposure to chemicals make construction sites a dangerous environment to work in. Here are some common causes of construction accidents: 

  • Loud noises
  • Falls
  • Electrocution
  • Being struck by objects
  • Getting stuck in machinery

What are the steps for filing a claim? 

There are critical steps you should take following any injury that occurs in the workplace. You should take the following steps if you have been a victim of a work injury:

  1. Seek medical treatment
  2. Report your injury
  3. Compile evidence
  4. Contact a lawyer

Before submitting a claim, have an attorney review your information for errors.

What types of damages can I claim?

If you have been hurt at a construction site, there are different types of damages you can claim, as a top construction accident lawyer can tell you. The following are some types of damages you can recover: 

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Missed income

What should I bring to a consultation? 

To make the consultation more efficient and productive, it is helpful if you bring any documents, photos, and other pieces of evidence related to your construction injury to present to the lawyer. You should also prepare a list of questions and topics you would like the lawyer to address in detail. 

Legal Assistance is Available

There is legal assistance available if you have been injured in a construction accident. Relief is available if you take action soon. Contact an experienced attorney to go over your case details and get the claims process started.

Your lawyer will review the details of your unique situation to determine the types of damages you can seek for the harm you’ve suffered. A seasoned construction accident attorney knows from experience how to strategize your case to get the full compensation that you need and deserve.

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