Filing a Complaint for a Car Accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident or an incident that caused injury due to the negligence of another party is more than just filing a lawsuit. When the courts become involved, there are specific filings that must be done to ensure that you are handling your personal injury claim properly. In the event that you have to submit a claim and cannot reach a settlement with the insurance company, you may need to file the lawsuit. This will require documents that actually build your case against the at fault party and any other individuals involved.

 Settling a Personal Injury Claim

It is important to note that many personal injury claims are settled without ever having to reach a court or judge. However, there are times when they are just not as smooth. Sometimes filing a lawsuit is the push the insurance company needs to be pressured to pay what you’re asking. So even when a lawsuit is filed you still may not see a courtroom, but you will need to file documents in the court.

 Filing a Complaint

The main document you will file to get your case started in court is called a complaint. In layman’s terms it is simply a complaint you are making against the at fault party. However, with this complaint, you are now involving the court system and making it a legal matter. The complaint is a document that lists what happened and what you have a problem with. More specifically, these are a list of allegations.

You will first list the involved parties. If you are filing a complaint against another party, it will be your name versus that person. Then you had your documents with the court you are filing the document in. For example, the state clerk of the county you are in will have a list of facts of the case like the time of the incident and what occurred. You will then list what the at fault party did.

Hire a Lawyer

These documents can be very specific and very confusing for those who are not knowledgeable in this field. This is why it is important to contact an attorney, like a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., to assist you with the lawsuit or a complaint against an individual you believe caused you harm. Should you or someone you know have been involved in a personal injury incident and wish to pursue a claim or a lawsuit contact an attorney as soon as possible.