Do Custodial Parents Have to Show What They Spent Child Support On?

Disputes over child support are extremely common after a divorce. One person may believe that he or she is not receiving enough support, whereas another parent might believe that he or she is paying too much. In some cases, the noncustodial parent might question whether the money is going towards the children at all. Here is what you need to know about child support disputes and whether or not you can receive receipts if you do not think the other parent is spending the money correctly.

What the Custodial Parent Uses Child Support For

Child support is supposed to be the support that the noncustodial parent pays to the other parent to ensure that the child has his or her needs met. Parents typically believe that this is supposed to pay for everything that the child needs or wants. Often, you may think that this means that the payment has to go towards tangible items of the child. This is not necessarily the case. Child support pays for all expenses, this means that it can pay for rent, utilities, school fees, entertainment, and more. It is not only food, toys, and other tangible expenses.

Proof of What a Parent Uses Child Support For

Sometimes, a noncustodial parent may not think that the other parent is using the money for the child. After all, the payments are in cash and the person can technically purchase whatever he or she wants to purchase. Now, in most places, the custodial parent does not have to prove what he or she spent the money on. In some states, a judge may compel someone to show what the support payments are going to if the noncustodial parent can make a good case for the need. In every state, the rules may be a little bit different. In general, however, the custodial parent does not have to keep receipts when it comes to child support. The important matter is that the child needs to be taken care of. If there are signs of neglect, despite child support being paid, then it is still important to bring it up.

Contact an Attorney

When it comes to child support, it can be an extremely difficult and complicated issue. To make it worse, there are usually a lot of emotions involved. At the end of the day, both parents should be interested in what is best for the child. If you are worried about your child support payments, contact a lawyer today and set up a consultation.